• Community Rules
  • Rule 1: Be nice!
    Treat other members as you'd like to be treated yourself. When interacting on the Internet people often forget that the person they're talking to is a real live human being with genuine feelings that can be hurt by harsh or overly critical words. So before you attack someone take a step back and breathe. Imagine you're sitting next to them enjoying a cup of coffee. How would you speak to them in person?
  • Rule 2: Be honest
    No cheating on book selection polls and absolutely no plagiarism. And our biggest no-no is do NOT claim to be someone you're not. If you're an author or publisher on primarily to promote a book don't pretend to be a fan that is simply sharing a great book you've discovered. We're not stupid. Nobody goes through the effort of creating an account just to tell total strangers about a wonderful book they just read. Be honest about who you are and we will welcome you and your book. Be sure to advertise your book in the appropriate forum. We have a forum for suggesting fiction books and a forum for suggesting non-fiction books. Advertise your book elsewhere and the post will be deleted.
  • Rule 3: One username per person
    Create and use only one account and username. We will find out if you attempt to create a sock puppet account and then both accounts will be banned. Username changes can be made by contacting Chris O'Connor, the owner and Editor of
  • Rule 4: Post to the appropriate forums
    Read the forum names and descriptions before posting and then post to the appropriate forum.
  • Rule 5: No crossposting
    Don't post the same message to more than one forum. Locate the right forum and post it ONLY there.
  • Rule 6: No ALL CAPS posting
    Using ALL CAPITAL letters is considered SHOUTING, rude and a violation of our "Be nice" rule. It also makes you look extremely uneducated.
  • Rule 7: Maintain a valid email address
    Your email address can be kept private from other members through your Profile settings, but the forum administrator must be able to contact each member through a valid email address at all times.
  • Rule 8: Keep it clean
    No adult content such as pornographic messages, images or links to such material. Limit swearing, vulgarity, racism or inappropriate comments.
  • Rule 9: Cite your sources
    Always cite your sources when quoting, posting excerpts or book reviews, or using material that is not your own. Respect copyright laws. Plagiarism is unethical and often illegal. Make it abundantly clear where your own writing ends and a quote begins. Most authors appreciate and are flattered when they are quoted, but use common sense and provide a direct link to your source every time.
  • Rule 10: No bandwidth theft or hot linking
    The use of inline ([IMG][/IMG]) image tags pointing to images or data stored on third party systems for which the user has not received permission to link to may be removed. Instead of hotlinking you can upload the image as an attachment when creating a post.
  • Rule 11: Write right!
    Use Internet lingo, slang and abbreviations sparingly. Avoid excessive use of punctuation, emoticons, large fonts, small fonts, colored fonts, and images. All of the above have their place on our forums, but when used in excess they can become quite annoying to other members.
  • Rule 12: Do not contact authors on behalf of
    Please refrain from making contact with authors on behalf of No member should contact an author in an effort to set up an interview or live chat without explicit permission from Chris O'Connor. Doing otherwise gives the false impression that the member is a representative of If you would like a particular author interviewed talk to Chris O'Connor so it can be considered.
  • Rule 13: No preaching or prosthelytizing
    Do not use the forums, Blogs or chat room for preaching or prosthelytizing. Intelligent two-way discussions of religious topics are welcome, but we do not allow members to preach or prosthelytize.
  • Helpful Tips
  • Tip 1: Use descriptive subject titles
    Use an appropriate, descriptive title when posting a new topic. Examples of bad titles include; "Imagine this...", "My thoughts", "I don't agree", etc.

    Examples of good titles include; "Imagine a world with no wars", "My thoughts on gay marriage", and "I don't agree with Liberalism." Give other members a good idea of what your thread is about so they can make an educated decision on whether or not to click and enter it.

    And more importantly, good descriptive titles tell search engines how to categorize your post. Describe yourself well and search engines will pull in new members that happen to be searching for your keywords.

    If you find that few people are responding to topics you create the problem might be with how you title the topic. Are you making the thread sound enticing? Do people understand what the thread is about simply by reading your topic title?
  • Tip 2: Fill out your entire profile
    Have you explored your entire profile? To enjoy fully you should consider filling out your entire profile. Start at the top of your profile and share as much information as possible. Top.
  • Tip 3: Read our past author interview transcripts
    Over the years we've interviewed many great authors. Often we conduct the interview in a live chat session open to all members. Please explore the transcripts of past author interviews and chats.
  • Tip 4: Use the "Recent Topics" box
    At the top of the right sidebar is a box entitled "Recent Topics." Whenever you log into BookTalk you might want to scan that scrolling list of recent topics to see the most recent posts. Simply click any of the links in that box to travel directly to the discussion.
  • Tip 5: Use the chat room
    We have a wonderful chat room open 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Of course it can be pretty lonely in there if you're the only one, so try to attend one of the scheduled chat sessions. You're also welcome to set up your own chats with your fellow members
  • Tip 6: Explore our LINKS page
    In the top green navigation bar you will see "LINKS." Our links page features some great web sites that you might want to explore.
  • Tip 7: Explore our BOOKS page
    If you'd like to see our past book selections the BOOKS page is your best bet. Click on the BOOKS link in the top green navigation bar.